Csokoládé Akadémia Kft.

The Csokoládé Akadémia was founded in 2012 with the main purpose of helping Hungarian and international professionals to perfect their chocolate and pastry skills. The 100 sqm. size, state of the art training facility is located at the sales and logistic centre of Goodwill National Kft. and it provides the latest technological equipment for the guests. On our practical courses we can provide training up to the latest confectionary-, pastry-, gastronomy trends for 10-12 professionals at the same time, working with the highest quailty ingredients.
The Csokoládé Akadémia is located at Nagytarcsa, Hungary, 30 minutes from the city centre of Budapest. Our selection of courses was carefully selected in a way, that not only beginner chocolate artisans but also trained pastry, gastronomy and chocolate professionals could find the most appropriate training support.

Our aim

  • Commitment to excellence and realization in daily life through our professional trainings.
  • Share the passion and expertise of chocolate with our partners.
  • Information and knowledge centre.
  • Provide a pleasent and well-equipped environment for courses, demonstrations and customer meetings.

Our teachers

Our partners